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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Process Lasso work?

How does it work? Process Lasso allows you to control how many cores/threads a program is able to use in Windows. By disabling cores/threads you can see improvements in clockspeeds and thermals. As described in the previous section game engines are limited in the amount of CPU threads they can use so you are not losing anything.

What is process lasto?

Process Lasso is the ultimate Windows CPU affinity changer. The CPU affinity specifies the set of CPU cores an application is able to execute on. With Process Lasso, you can control this with a persistent setting that applies every time the application is run, or change it dynamically while the application is running once a threshold is met.

What languages is Process Lasso available in?

Process Lasso is available in English, German, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, PT-BR, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Help translate Process Lasso.

What's new in Process Lasso v10.2?

Process Lasso v10.2 improves ProBalance, refactors foreground boosting, adds an Internet Explorer restriction feature, supports Windows 11, and more.

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