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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Caldor fire?

It has been seven months since the Caldor Fire ignited in southern El Dorado County. The Jericho Report has uncovered hundreds of details and published nearly 50 reports on the cause of the fire, the emergency response, and the key players who fought the fire in those early days last August.

How did the California Wildfires affect firefighters?

Many of the large fires occurring in California, Oregon and Washington this year experienced a similar series of events where prior mechanical thinning, prescribed fire, and past wildfires reduced fire intensity and provided firefighters with opportunities to protect communities.

What is the intensity of the Caldor fire?

California Fire Intensity- California FOREST NEWS -Episode #1 from Pacific Southwest Region on Vimeo. After burning for 69 days, 221,835 acres burned, 1,003 structures destroyed, and the evacuation of more than 50,000 residents in the area, the Caldor Fire is 100% contained.

What caused the Eldorado fire?

Fueled by drought, hot weather and high winds, the fire quickly grew in size, burning east through the Sierra Nevada mountains and Eldorado National Forest toward the Nevada border.

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