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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an open air ticket?

What is an Open Air Ticket? An open air ticket or an open-ended air ticket is a travel document that has a set departure date for a passenger but a flexible/adjustable return date. This means that when you book an open-ended flight ticket, you depart on a fixed date for when you booked, but you can schedule a return for ‘whenever’ you want.

When is fly open air?

FLY Open Air is back from 16th-18th of September to close out the Summer for its 10th Edition of the festival. Scotland's biggest electronic dance music event returns to The Ross Bandstand under Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

When is the 2022 fly open air festival?

FLY Open AirTicketsTravelAccommodationInfo FLY ClubEventsResidentsJournal New Festivals Otherlands Ibiza StoreJobsMusic FLY Open Air Festival | Princes St[Edinburgh Castle]16 - 18 September 2022Edinburgh Buy Tickets

Should I buy an open-ended flight ticket?

Since open-ended air tickets can cost up to 100% higher than standard tickets, and might even come off as pricier than business class tickets. Therefore, we suggest thinking through the decision of buying an open-ended flight ticket before rooting for your card to make payment.

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